Everyone in my family is an artist in some form. My mother is an architect, my father an engineer, my younger sister is a seasoned painter, and my older sister is the most talented illustrator I've ever known. Since before I can remember I've been designing; conditioned to view everything the world had to offer as and opportunity to create. Every spare moment spent copying my sisters drawings, creating animal sculptures out of palm tree parts with my Grandpa or building small shelters with spare bricks, wood, palm fronds or whatever else I could shanghai from my fathers shop. My whole life revolved around creation.


I was trained as an artist starting in the 6th grade through college, attending nothing but schools devoted to artistic education. My desire to create and design coupled with a fascination for new technologies and a drive to learn all that I could about them landed me in computer labs for most of my spare time (as well as most of my time meant to be spent elsewhere) associating myself with more 3D designers, animators and programmers than fine artists.


My artistic style combines urban contemporary and technical, design based art with traditional influences. I am a versatile and adaptive designer and with every project I take on, I grow as an artist. I aim to never stop learning.